SD Times Blog: Developers can now charge for HTML5 Web apps in the Amazon Appstore

Christina Mulligan
January 29, 2014 —  Whenever developers published an HTML5 app to the Amazon Appstore, they used to automatically be available for free. Now, in Amazon’s latest update to its Appstore, developers can put a price on them.

“This is great news for developers looking to publish their first Web app to the Amazon Appstore, and the feature is now retroactive to all Web apps that have already been published,” according to Amazon’s developer blog.

An “Availability & Pricing” tab has been added to developers’ accounts to give them the option of charging their previously published apps. The list price changes also enable developers to change the price of any apps waiting to be approved for release.

Along with the ability to set a price for Web applications, HTML5 developers also get an opportunity to take part in Amazon’s Free App of the Day (FAD) promotion in order to give apps greater exposure and drive traffic. Those qualified to be in the FAD promotion will see their apps advertised mobile devices, Kindle Fire and the Amazon Gold box page.

More information about the FAD program can be found here.

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