SD Times Blog: Several companies debut Windows Phone-Android dual boot devices at CES

Rob Marvin
January 8, 2014 — 
News out of CES is that companies such as Intel, Asus and AMD are offering devices that boot both the Windows Phone and Android operating systems. 

Microsoft planted the seeds with an internal document earlier this year, detailing ways for Windows Phone and Android to coexist on the same hardware.

The document talks about scenarios such as eliminating licensing fees for OEMs running Windows Phone, letting users make an in-store decision of Android or Windows Phone, or even a device that switches between the two OSes simultaneously. 

While pundits wondered why in the world a user would want both Windows Phone and Android on the same device, at least one company has seen a benefit. Intel announced its dual OS platforms Monday that can toggle between Windows and Android with the push of a button. 

What’s the advantage for users? According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, “You don’t have to make a choice going forward. You can have both,” he said during his keynote at the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday. 

Still seems like a flimsy reason to stuff two OSes together, doing the same things and that serve no benefit for each other by coexisting on the same device. But Intel isn’t the only company to jump on the bandwagon. 

Asus announced the Transformer Book Duet TD300 Monday, a convertible laptop/tablet hybrid that can dual boot between Windows 8.1 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Soon after, AMD announced a partnership with BlueStacks to bring “the full Android OS experience” to Windows PCs. 

Arguments for dual booting have pointed out that a number of games on Android are not available on Windows Phone, and that it would stop Google from blocking services such as Google Drive, Gmail and YouTube on Windows Phone. 

Either way, three companies announcing the capability prove the dual boot isn’t a fluke. The question is whether a device running Windows and Android is necessary in the least.

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01/08/2014 12:58:26 PM EST

Windows OS? Please...NO, enought already Windows garbage. Microsoft is old dying company. Linux maybe or Mac OS with Android?

United StatesRobert Lee

01/08/2014 01:32:45 PM EST

Love it. I think it's a great idea and I'm proud of these companies for moving past the whole "customers are too simple/stupid for this sort of complicated thing" (same reason we never get subtitled foreign films)

United StatesKenneth White

01/09/2014 10:29:25 AM EST

Robert, how do u see microsoft as a dying company? They have a lot of corprate contracts that can keep them going even if they were to almost go away in the consumer tech world. This dual boot is a great plan.I have wanted a surface prp 2 so I can dual boot it with x86 android.due to the mass app support in anroid and the tried and true progaming and highend gaming aspect windows offers that android can't yet provide. But I do think the best comprimise would be a hybrid OS using android to replace the Metro interface and windows to run the desktop portion would be great to be able to have and android music app running simaltaniously with windows programs/games.

United Statesgio

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