SD Times Blog: Customers hit with new wave of fake Microsoft tech support calls

Rob Marvin
November 20, 2013 —  More than a year after the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on tech support scam calls, filing charges against six scam operators last October, a new surge of fraudulent calls are pestering and duping Microsoft customers.

Computerworld reported they have continued to receive a consistent stream of e-mails about tech support scams, posing as Microsoft technicians in particular. The fraudulent calls show up as “Windows Support” on Caller IDs with a 425 Washington state area code.

The callers pose predominately as Microsoft—though companies like Dell, Symantec and McAfee are also impersonated—attempting to convince customers their computers are infected by directing them to a Windows log that shows harmless, low-level errors. Then the fraudsters try to con their way into downloading software or getting remote PC access to fix the problem.

The software often contains a Trojan or other malware, and duped customers have even reported paying fees to the fake Microsoft technicians for their “services.”

Read the full story over at Computerworld.

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11/27/2013 01:43:35 AM EST

My house has been receiving the same Microsoft scam calls from a telephone with no caller ID. In each case, the caller was a male with a heavy Indian accent. Yesterday, my wife answered the phone, and she said politely not to call again, and to take us off his list. The Indian person didn't care and was really nasty and profane. He threatened my wife and when I got on, he was belligerent and continued to threaten me and my family. This Indian telemarketer was laughing, saying "What can you do? I can say anything to you, your wife, your kids, and the rest of your family, and you can't do anything." I'm trying to track this company down, and the sad part is, calling my phone company, Verizon, was no help. They gave me the run around, and in effect said that they can't help me. I don't know where to proceed next. I'm sure when we get home, the same Indian company will call back saying the call is coming from "Microsoft". Sometimes the caller is female. In most cases, the caller is male, and in all cases, they downright nasty, and speak with a very heavy Indian accent. I'm sure that they get through and end up successfully scamming a small percentage of their calls. Since they're calling from a foreign country (India), whatever information or money they extract from their victims, may not even be illegal in their homeland.

United StatesAlex G

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