Appcelerator begins to build a mobile ALM platform

Suzanne Kattau
January 29, 2013 —  Aiming to ultimately give developers an end-to-end mobile application life-cycle-management platform, Appcelerator on Thursday announced partnerships with Crittercism and SOASTA that add needed functionality to Appcelerator Titanium 3.0, the company’s development platform for mobile applications.

Appcelerator has partnered with Crittercism to integrate its solution’s mobile application performance management functionality, as well as with SOASTA to integrate TouchTest’s automated mobile testing capabilities, into Titanium 3.0.

“As a company, we’re definitely trying to move beyond the build phase of application development and really move into more of a full platform,” said Nolan Wright, Appcelerator’s CTO and cofounder. “SOASTA is focused on testing. And with Crittercism, for us, we looked at visibility into applications as an important need for developers. Visibility is certainly crash protection, and application performance management is one aspect of that.”

Wright said that the integration between Crittercism’s and SOASTA’s solutions was Appcelerator’s first step in transforming Titanium 3.0 into a complete, end-to-end mobile ALM platform. “We started very purposely with Titanium because we felt the first pain with mobile was with building apps,” Wright said. “We knew that we wanted to try to solve that pain, and as we did that... that was a good entry point to expand into other phases of the life cycle from there.”

"Mobile is now the top area of focus for enterprises, and the speed of innovation is faster than ever," said Andrew Levy, Crittercism’s cofounder and CEO. "By combining Crittercism with Appcelerator Titanium 3.0, enterprises now have access to a tightly integrated solution that provides them with visibility into the performance of their mobile apps, so they can realize faster resolution of performance problems and achieve a faster time to market."

“While Appcelerator and SOASTA made an important announcement last week, I think what’s probably more significant is this fundamental shift to the application life cycle. All of it is about the user experience,” said SOASTA’s CEO Tom Lounibos. “You don’t do anything without thinking about the users anymore. Everything from functional testing to load and performance testing to measurement and monitoring is all about improving that user experience. So, the application life cycle is becoming circular for more agility and more enablement of the developer. And it’s all about trying to get the user experience right.”

Appcelerator believed the additional functionality will help developers deal with the different life-cycle issues as they arise. “I think, ultimately, as enterprises and developers build more and more applications, they will need to think about how they address the different activities within the life cycle, because that’s ultimately how you manage these things at scale,” Wright said. “As mobile is maturing in the enterprise and in general, these pain points are going to be become more and more readily apparent. As a software and platform company, we’re trying to be out in front of that because we can anticipate that this is one of the things ahead.”

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